March 19, 2024

Logsys Inc.

Joint investment by JCB and MUFG Bank into LOGSYS and
Acceleration of the MULTI MAGIC PASSPORT

Joint investment by JCB and MUFG Bank into LOGSYS

Leading the charge in fostering the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone (JMEZ), JCB Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Takayoshi Futae; hereinafter “JCB”) and MUFG Bank, Ltd. (President and CEO: Junichi Hanzawa; hereinafter “MUFG Bank”) have recently undertaken a third-party allocation of shares for Logsys Inc. (CEO: Hajime Tabata hereinafter “Logsys”). In this investment, JCB and Logsys have entered into a capital business partnership agreement. Furthermore, MUFG Bank’s investment in Logsys marks an additional investment following May 2023, completing Logsys’ fundraising with a total of 700 million yen.

Acceleration of the MULTI MAGIC PASSPORT

Equipped with the newly acquired funds, Logsys is poised to significantly progress the development of the MULTI MAGIC PASSPORT™ (MMP).

MMP serves as a Digital ID Wallet, managing qualifications and attribute data on digital devices. It allows individuals to verify their credentials in both face-to-face and remote interactions. We aim to incorporate the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), where users have control over providing data, into MMP, making it easier for users to manage their consent. Furthermore, we are considering handling various data such as qualifications provided by users as verifiable data using technologies like Verifiable Credentials (VC).

In addition to the technological aspects of these digital ID wallets, through the AI Partner ID Wallet ‘MMP,’ which combines entertainment and AI partner functionalities, we are committed to contributing to a better digital life support.

Image of MMP usage inside RYUGUKOKU®

MMP is planned to collaborate with multiple digital spaces, including the RPG Metaverse platform ‘RYUGUKOKU®‘ provided by JP UNIVERSE Inc. (hereafter “JPU”), to advance JMEZ alongside Logsys. By using MMP, users can ensure the credibility of their own proofs and transactions, and gain access to various Metaverse spaces for utilization and cross-navigation.


This initiative originated in February 2023, sparked by the creation of JMEZ, leveraging a common infrastructure where Metaverses and digital contents converge. Not limited to Japan, JCB, MUFG Bank, and Logsys will continue their efforts in utilizing gaming technology for industrial DX (Digital Transformation) initiatives worldwide, particularly in Asia. Moving forward, they will persistently engage in businesses related to authentication, payments, data, and other necessities for the development of economic zones utilizing digital spaces.

MMP Concept Image

Image of MMP usage inside RYUGUKOKU®


Each company's objective

JCB Co., Ltd.

The Metaverse is said to be the three-dimensionalization of the internet, and various businesses are expected to emerge. Mr. Tabata, who has provided the latest online experiences to many users, and JCB, which has cultivated ‘payment authentication technology’ so far, have signed a capital business alliance this time with great expectations to provide ‘trust’ in the world of the Metaverse and create a new economy. This agreement is the beginning, and we will continue to collaborate towards a better world that is secure and safe.

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Next-generation digital space services, including the Metaverse, are gaining attention for their potential to offer both convenience and experiential value, with significant impacts on economic and industrial growth. MUFG participates in the development of the JMEZ by utilizing the open Metaverse concept. Additionally, MUFG Bank has entered into a capital and business alliance with Logsys in May 2023.

This time, leveraging MUFG’s financial expertise, we plan to provide financial platform functionality in the Metaverse space through MMP. By serving as a bridge between the industry and the Metaverse, we aim to accelerate efforts towards the creation of the Metaverse economic zone.

Logsys Inc.

The JMEZ concept aims to realize an RPG Economy. To achieve this, it’s essential to establish infrastructure in the RPG world that allows for comfortable and secure navigation of digital spaces such as authentication and payment systems without compromising the gaming experience. MMP serves as the core solution, integrating personal AI, characters, and authentication systems into an innovative service called ‘AI Partner ID Wallet.’ This service possesses a unique quality that cannot be achieved by individual companies. Through this capital business alliance, we are committed to advancing its development significantly. We aim to create a solution that spans both virtual and real worlds in the era of spatial computing.



RYUGUKOKU® is a virtual space platform developed with game commerce incorporated into an RPG, developed with the PEGASUS WORLD KIT® (PWK) in mind for the era of spatial computing. In RYUGUKOKU®, users can not only participate in adventures in vast VR worlds with their favorite avatars but also use various real-world products provided by companies within the gameplay. For users, it offers an opportunity to experience corporate products and content in the digital space casually, while for companies, it provides an opportunity to meet new customers by supporting users’ gaming experiences.


PWK is an RPG/Metaverse development kit that encompasses all the necessary functionalities for virtual space development provided by JPU. It includes features such as ‘RIV TECHNOLOGY®,’ which enables easy creation of Metaverse spaces from photos and incorporates content creation capabilities by users. Website: https://www.pw-kit.com/

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