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Welcome to The LAB, Bangkok’s premier fitness studio bringing you world-class training using the best tools and trainers in the business.

We’re committed to bringing you a training experience that matches anything else you’ll find. The video above and images below will give you a taster of what The LAB is about. Whether you’re an elite athlete, just starting exercise or recovering from an injury, we can devise a program to suit your individual needs and goals. We are specialists in exercise, body composition change and in understanding how the body moves.

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Lilly’s Story

image-2Lilly lost 30kg, dropped 15% body fat and completely changed her health and outlook on exercise. Here’s her story:

“The LAB completely overhauled my attitude to health and fitness. It’s been such a positive and supportive environment from day one. The trainers are on hand in every class to advise about what weight to use, how to position your body for optimal performance and push you way beyond what you think your body can do. They also got my nutrition was on track so I could train effectively rather than to merely lose weight.

Every class is fun, informative, dynamic, booming with positive energy and designed to help you reach new levels of personal strength and fitness. All the trainers I have worked with are knowledgeable, highly skilled and most importantly passionate about what they do.

I have gained a positive attitude and confidence, and the commitment I now have to set and achieve new goals is so empowering. I’ve lost 30kg but my original goals have shifted; I now want to be strong, fit and healthy and so I no longer check the scales!

Thanks guys, you rock!”

Nick’s Story

LAB Client NickNick lost 10kg, dropped his body fat from 25% to 15% and developed a love for exercise that he never had. Here’s his story:

I first came to the LAB because I couldn’t into my 2 month old tailored pants and seriously needed help!

This gym has changed my perspective of working out. I used to hate going to the gym because I was absolutely clueless on what to do there, how do all these machines work and I always ended up doing nothing but jogging on a treadmill.

Here at The Lab, you join classes with amazing trainers that guide you through every exercise. My first few classes were really tough because I was not used to this style of workout (or any workout at all) and I was SUPER weak, but the trainers kept guiding and pushing me.

I never found it boring at all and over time I developed strength that I never knew I had. And you get to meet like-minded people with a love of fitness. I can truly say I have gained friends for life at this gym.

nick before


nick handstand


The trainers at The Lab are absolutely fantastic in motivating you. They help you to understand fitness, not only about the training but also nutrition and lifestyle as well.

I’ve lost 11kg, my body fat has dropped 10% and I move and feel better than I ever have. To The Lab family, I’d like to thank all of you for being a part of my transformation journey!